Success Stories

“Good Communication...”

“Good communication between advisers is important, but it is vital for the advisers of a client who is a US citizen and UK resident. This is because both jurisdictions want to tax the individual’s worldwide earnings and the advisers need to understand and agree on the application of the double tax treaty.

In one instance, a US citizen accidentally became a UK resident and landed himself with historic UK tax liabilities for a 10 year period. In a short space of time, we worked together with advisers from TIAG Member Berdon LLP in New York who provided us with enough information for us to establish on what basis the disclosure should be prepared to put the client in the most overall tax efficient position. We were then able to provide the US advisers with the figures they needed to make the backdated foreign tax claim.

There was a strict, fast-approaching deadline in the US, however, good communication between us both meant that this deadline was not a surprise and the work could be completed on time.”

-Lisa Spearman; Mercer & Hole (London, England - TIAG)