Success Stories

“We All See the Benefits.”

“Through TAG Alliances, we have had the great opportunity to form long-standing relationships with numerous legal, accounting, and strategic partner members worldwide. This brings many benefits to not only our clients but also our staff.

This year, we’ve again had the pleasure of hosting another two secondees from Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP in Scotland: Andreea and Kirsty. Thank you to our secondees for all their hard work and our colleagues at Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP and other TAG Alliances members for your continued support of these initiatives across what is an ever shrinking world!”

-ESV Business advice and accounting (New South Wales, Australia - TIAG)

“Providing career opportunities for talented people when you have an international client base is an essential part of their development. Having a great partner like ESV and a fantastic association like TAG Alliances makes this possible and we all see the benefits.”

-Graeme Allan; Anderson Anderson Brown LLP (Scotland - TIAG)