Success Stories

"The Connections Never Cease to Amaze."

“Intemercer esv fgmkrnational Conferences are an ideal way to build relationships with other members, as sometimes there is no substitute for being in the same room. What sometimes starts out as a discussion or a favour can evolve into a significant piece of work which we would not have had the opportunity to develop without TIAG. 

At our International Conference in Santa Monica, I was able to meet with Kurt Baker of ESV in Sydney, regarding a client who needed tax advice. The client was very pleased to hear I was meeting with Kurt while we were both in Santa Monica. In addition to meeting with longtime members who I have mutual clients with, I also had the opportunity to meet with new member, Fuad Saba of FGMK in Chicago, who was able to refer me one of his clients. The connections never cease to amaze.” 

Lisa Spearman; Mercer & Hole (London, England)