Success Stories

“We Have Yet to Make a Request Where TIAG was Unable to Fulfill our Needs.”

“TIAG has the requisite relationships in its alliance so that we can offer our clients access to resources and expertise on a global scale. What we have found particularly beneficial is that TIAG facilitates our access to the precise resources we need in the precise spot on the globe that we require.  In fact, we have yet to make a request where TIAG was unable to fulfill our needs.  Even in rare cases where there was no member in a particular location, TIAG has been able to put us in touch with a resource of expertise to fulfill our need.  The true test of a strong alliance.   

At any of the TAG Alliances conferences, we always come home with something of value — a new professional connection, insights on a service approach; it’s the epitome of education through idea exchange. And as far as revenue generation is concerned, we have gained several new business opportunities from both our TIAG and TAGLaw relationships and have provided a number of referrals to fellow alliance members.”

—Saul Brenner, Berdon LLP (New York, New York, USA)