Success Stories

“The Client Was Very Happy...”

fineman west berdon moreno“One of our largest apparel clients decided to open a manufacturing warehouse in Mexico this year. We reached out Moreno Ontiveros (Guanajuato, Mexico) and they helped our client with business set-up, payroll, and the preparation of all necessary legal documents. The client was very happy with the services they received and will continue to use the firm for all their local accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs. This is a perfect example of how the connections we have made through TIAG help us provide exceptional service to our clients, wherever their business takes them.

Also this year, Berdon LLP (New York, New York, USA) reached out to us to help with inventory observation for one of their restaurant clients in Malibu. The client was going through a transaction and needed to close their books and to prepare an opening balance sheet as of the date of closing. Working closely with Berdon, we were able to staff the assignment and complete the project in a very short time period. To the client, it was all seamless - as if they were working with only one firm.”

Wendy On, Fineman West & Co. LLP (Los Angeles, California, USA)