Success Stories


"EsRoBross Cia Ltda. (Ecuador) has grown ever since joining TIAG. The fact that EsRoBross has an international representation, which very few firms in Ecuador have, has been very helpful. By being a member of TIAG, we have increased our chances of winning new clients and projects and have won important projects from local, national and multinational companies. TIAG has expanded our reach, helped us open doors and allowed us to give our clients a greater sense of security. To manage its growth, EsRoBross C­a. Ecuador, recently created a new department named Human Talent, which is dedicated to providing various services related to human resources, including staff selection, recruiting, training, testing and performance evaluation."

—Henry Escalante Rami­rez; EsRoBross Cia Ltda. (Ecuador)


"In recent months, ESV Chartered Accountants (Sydney, Australia) has reached out and utilized the TIAG alliance globally on behalf of several of our clients. TIAG member firms in the United States, England, Ireland and Japan have all assisted either with direct client inbound referral engagements or specific queries that may lead to further opportunities in the future. We have also provided referral contacts to a major client of the firm across both the TIAG and TAGLaw alliances in China, India, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. Our firm takes great care in the development and nurturing of ongoing client relationships and the ability to refer our clients to firms we know and trust, and who respond in a timely and professional manner. TIAG is a valuable resource for our firm."

—Kurt Baker, ESV Chartered Accountants (Sydney, Australia)


At KMJ | Corbin & Company (Costa Mesa, California, USA), we value our membership in TIAG for many reasons. Among the most important are the following: our membership in TIAG gives us instant credibility with our larger, more sophisticated clients and prospective clients who wonder how a "local firm" can possibly handle their needs in multiple locations across many state and national borders with multiple language/cultural differences; and we consistently receive timely responses from our fellow TIAG members when there is a client need. Recently, I was asked about whether we had any affiliations, and I was proud to respond about our membership in TIAG and more specifically, the quality of our UK firm, Mercer & Hole (London, England). Another example was our ability to receive the cooperation of our member firm Axion (Sweden) to put together a proposal for a U.S. public company audit with operations in Stockholm. As a result of their cooperation and help, which included their agreement to become registered with PCAOB in the U.S., we were successful in obtaining that client.

—Kendall Merkley, KMJ | Corbin & Company (Costa Mesa, California, USA)