Success Stories

“Since joining TIAG in October 2017, I have been helped by TAGLaw and TIAG members in the U.S., UK, Mexico, and Czech Republic. My partners have also received assistance from alliance members in India and Mexico. All of the TAG Alliances members we have worked with were responsive and provided great value to our clients.”

-Gordon Cummings; D&H Group LLP (British Columbia, Canada - TIAG)

cornick lehman“Russell Brown of Lehman Brown (Beijing & Shanghai, China - TIAG) visited our offices on Tuesday, November 20 to conduct a presentation on various issues related to doing business in China. Clients, attorneys, outsourced CFOs, internal accounting providers, and other financial professionals attended this informative session. Several new networking opportunities arose from this collaboration between TIAG Members.”

-Robert Reitman; Cornick, Garber & Sandler, LLP (New York, USA - TIAG)

berdon lehman anderson actheos“In just one week, we have presented to the Chinese Tax Delegation thanks to an introduction by Russell Brown of LehmanBrown (Beijing & Shanghai, China - TIAG), met with Anderson Anderson Brown (Scotland - TIAG) to discuss partnering on providing global mobility services to clients in the UK and the U.S., and worked on an international tax matter with Actheos (France - TIAG). To finish the week, we had a presentation in our offices by Russell Brown on Doing Business in China and the Belt Road Initiative.”

-Rebecca Goodman-Stephens; Berdon LLP (New York, USA - TIAG)

fineman hunte“I had a client who needed assistance in the British Virgin Islands to handle several items including their admin, accounting, taxes, etc. Within one day we were able to get in touch with the local TAGLaw member firm in the BVI, Hunte & Co, and schedule a call to discuss the client’s needs. Gizelle at Hunte & Co. has been very helpful and the client has successfully transitioned their legal and admin over to Hunte & Co.”

-Wendy On; Fineman West & Company, LLP (Los Angeles, California, USA - TIAG)

browne craine esv“At a recent TAG Alliances conference, I was able to discuss various practice management techniques with Kurt Baker of ESV in Sydney, Australia—a tremendous leader of his firm. We have started implementing some of these strategies and ideas at our own firm and they are already working well. This type of knowledge sharing is a powerful benefit of membership in TIAG and TAG Alliances.”

—Basil Bielich; Browne Craine and Co. (Isle of Man)

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