Success Stories

studio rock bove mercer cornick ribe“One of our clients, a global financial institution, approached us to see if we would be able to help them find new accounting firms in various jurisdictions. The bank was previously represented by a Big 4 firm. At the International Conference in Scotland, we held a presentation to propose the project to various TIAG members. 

We are so excited to announce that our client has accepted the engagement involving collaboration between our firm and TIAG members, Mercer & Hole (London, England), Cornick Garber Sandler (New York, New York, USA) and Ribe Aguirre y Asociados (Mexico City, Mexico)

This large project will provide our members with a number of profitable opportunities. We are enthusiastic about the global potential.

—Fedele Gubitosi; Studio Rock Commercialisti Associati (Milan, Italy)

"The importance of our TIAG membership has increased the longer we have been a member and as our firm grows. While the world rebounds from the global economic slowdown, our country has been a popular venue for inbound and outbound investment. This new activity has allowed HSOC to help clients with their global accounting, financial and even legal needs, through our many connections in the TAG Alliances. Recent successes have involved collaboration with members in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and all throughout Europe. We are proud to be in such a cooperative and highly-connected alliance." 

John O'Connell, HSOC Financial & Business Advisors (Ireland)

esv-piper-alderman-duncan-cotterill“ESV was recently referred a client by the TAGLaw member firm Piper Alderman here in Sydney. The opportunity was to provide management accounting and taxation services for a large Swiss company establishing a local Australian operating subsidiary.  ESV worked with the Swiss Head Office and Piper Alderman to develop an appropriate strategy and framework for their Australian office and secured the appointment as their ongoing accounting partner.

As the engagement developed, a further requirement within New Zealand arose. Together with Piper Alderman, ESV referred the client to the New Zealand TAGLaw member, Duncan Cotterill. Feedback from the client has been very positive. 

Overall, this situation clearly highlights the benefits of quality TAG Alliances members working together to achieve successful outcomes for our clients and each other’s businesses."

—Kurt Baker, ESV Accounting and Business Advisors (New South Wales, Australia – TIAG)

richey may cohen aab samet gallina marina contabil“In the last year we have been able to rely on our TIAG colleagues for quick and valuable responses on a number of issues. For example, GALLINA LLP (Northern California, USA) assisted us with a manufacturing proposal which was very helpful as we bid on an industry that was not one of our primary areas of focus. Then, when our firm was evaluating our current roles and titles, we reached out to the group, and Marina Contabil (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), Samet & Company (Massachusetts, USA), Cohen & Company (Ohio, USA) and Anderson, Anderson & Brown (Scotland) all provided great insights on the issue.”

—Richey, May & Co. (Colorado, USA)

wms act partners“I was fortunate to strike up a conversation with Angeline Chew of ACT Partners (Malaysia) during a recent TAG Alliances meeting. Angeline mentioned that the Malaysian government was introducing a Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime and it was loosely based on the Australian equivalent. One thing lead to another and we ended up agreeing to assist Angeline’s team with GST training and seminars for their clients. The last piece of the puzzle was a presentation to the Malaysian Institute of Accountants GST conference that was attended by 250 professionals and included speakers from the Kastam (Customs) Office, IBM and National Insurers. I was very impressed with Angeline’s team and her dedication to servicing clients and look forward to working together in years to come.”

—Aaron Lavell, WMS Chartered Accountants (Queensland, Australia)