Success Stories

“Zinner & Co. has only just begun to skim the surface of success as a result of our membership in TIAG. Since becoming a member in February 2011, we have recognized that our membership provides not only a great opportunity to strengthen the firm, but also to become a contributor to our colleagues in the industry. Simply, Zinner views the success with our membership on multiple levels. We have used the alliance for collaboration and solicited input on questions in which shared expertise is invaluable. From that, our firm has the confidence and assurance in bidding work. Over the past five years, we’ve collaborated with other TIAG members for both inbound and outbound client issues in Canada, the UK, and within the US.”

—Howard Kass; Zinner & Co. LLP (Ohio, USA)

“We are now in the third year of our membership in the TAG Alliances and our ongoing experience continues to reaffirm our decision to become a member. The professionalism of the individuals we work with continues to impress as does the efficiency of the overall operation. TIAG marketing efforts to both help educate individual members in maximizing their own marketing and to promote the overall TIAG brand are particularly impressive.” 

—Saul Brenner, Berdon LLP (New York, New York, USA)

fineman west berdon moreno“One of our largest apparel clients decided to open a manufacturing warehouse in Mexico this year. We reached out Moreno Ontiveros (Guanajuato, Mexico) and they helped our client with business set-up, payroll, and the preparation of all necessary legal documents. The client was very happy with the services they received and will continue to use the firm for all their local accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs. This is a perfect example of how the connections we have made through TIAG help us provide exceptional service to our clients, wherever their business takes them.

Also this year, Berdon LLP (New York, New York, USA) reached out to us to help with inventory observation for one of their restaurant clients in Malibu. The client was going through a transaction and needed to close their books and to prepare an opening balance sheet as of the date of closing. Working closely with Berdon, we were able to staff the assignment and complete the project in a very short time period. To the client, it was all seamless - as if they were working with only one firm.”

Wendy On, Fineman West & Co. LLP (Los Angeles, California, USA)

"During the last year our global interaction with TAG Alliances members has included assistance with the establishment of local subsidiary and business operations for Chinese and Singaporean clients, the referral of an international Swiss based client seeking help in India and the development of an appropriate taxation & commercial strategy across the USA, the UK and Australian jurisdictions.

Outside of the client matters, ESV have also taken advantage of the practice specific benefits of our TIAG membership by reaching out to global member firms for the short term secondment of experienced staff during our peak audit & assurance period, reviewing our business development and marketing strategies and interacting at International Conferences with colleagues on future practice management initiatives.

We continue to value the TAG Alliances and the client servicing benefits and sound professional relationships that it brings to our firm offering.”

Kurt Baker, ESV Accounting and Business Advisors (New South Wales, Australia)

studio rock bove mercer cornick ribe“One of our clients, a global financial institution, approached us to see if we would be able to help them find new accounting firms in various jurisdictions. The bank was previously represented by a Big 4 firm. At the International Conference in Scotland, we held a presentation to propose the project to various TIAG members. 

We are so excited to announce that our client has accepted the engagement involving collaboration between our firm and TIAG members, Mercer & Hole (London, England), Cornick Garber Sandler (New York, New York, USA) and Ribe Aguirre y Asociados (Mexico City, Mexico)

This large project will provide our members with a number of profitable opportunities. We are enthusiastic about the global potential.

—Fedele Gubitosi; Studio Rock Commercialisti Associati (Milan, Italy)