Success Stories

“Intemercer esv fgmkrnational Conferences are an ideal way to build relationships with other members, as sometimes there is no substitute for being in the same room. What sometimes starts out as a discussion or a favour can evolve into a significant piece of work which we would not have had the opportunity to develop without TIAG. 

At our International Conference in Santa Monica, I was able to meet with Kurt Baker of ESV in Sydney, regarding a client who needed tax advice. The client was very pleased to hear I was meeting with Kurt while we were both in Santa Monica. In addition to meeting with longtime members who I have mutual clients with, I also had the opportunity to meet with new member, Fuad Saba of FGMK in Chicago, who was able to refer me one of his clients. The connections never cease to amaze.” 

Lisa Spearman; Mercer & Hole (London, England)

“Since joining TIAG in mid-2015, FGMK has had the opportunity to work with TIAG and TAGLaw firms in India, Mexico, Germany, China, the UK, Ireland and the UAE, in order to address the tax and legal needs of clients with cross-border transactions. The TIAG & TAG Alliances affiliation has been a key success factor to our international tax practice. Our clients have received accurate, timely and helpful advice in each case, and we are very pleased with our new association with TIAG. Norm Kellerman and myself participated in the October conference and will be at the Lisbon conference as well. We look forward to meeting TIAG colleagues again in person.”

—Fuad Saba, FGMK (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

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“In May 2015, Scottish TAG Alliances Members Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (TIAG) and Burness Paull LLP (TAGLaw) were co-principal sponsors and hosts of the TAG Alliances International Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the course of the conference there were numerous opportunities for networking and the topics of the various sessions and presentations included the future of Europe, cross-border dispute resolution as well as firm and practice development, hosted by several key and influential speakers.  

We were delighted to have been able to participate in the conference which provided an excellent platform for the TAG Alliances to get together to discuss topical issues and developments while sharing knowledge, best practices and strengthening relationships.

It is fantastic to be actively involved in this alliance which brings so many benefits to the firms within it and their clients." 

—Neil Dinnes; Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (Scotland) and Tricia Walker; Burness Paull LLP (Scotland)

“TIAG has the requisite relationships in its alliance so that we can offer our clients access to resources and expertise on a global scale. What we have found particularly beneficial is that TIAG facilitates our access to the precise resources we need in the precise spot on the globe that we require.  In fact, we have yet to make a request where TIAG was unable to fulfill our needs.  Even in rare cases where there was no member in a particular location, TIAG has been able to put us in touch with a resource of expertise to fulfill our need.  The true test of a strong alliance.   

At any of the TAG Alliances conferences, we always come home with something of value — a new professional connection, insights on a service approach; it’s the epitome of education through idea exchange. And as far as revenue generation is concerned, we have gained several new business opportunities from both our TIAG and TAGLaw relationships and have provided a number of referrals to fellow alliance members.”

—Saul Brenner, Berdon LLP (New York, New York, USA)

“Since joining TIAG in 2007, we have collaborated with TIAG members in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Additionally, through our TIAG and TAGLaw relationships, we have helped our clients seek assistance to setup companies in foreign countries and to secure accounting, financial and legal advice for our clients. As a whole, our TIAG membership provides us with quick access to seek professional advice on legal and accounting matters from countries outside Hong Kong. 

As a TIAG member for 8 years, we have differentiated our firm from the competition as we can now provide a broad range of professional services on a worldwide scale. These are more relationships than a single firm can develop.”

—K T Tam, C K Yau & Partners CPA Limited (Hong Kong, China)