Success Stories

hsoc mercerIn 2016, we received a large matter. This client now accounts for 10% of our practices’ billings. We received great support from Mercer & Hole (London, England - TIAG) which helped us close the deal.
John O’Connell; HSOC (Ireland - TIAG)

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samet fgmk“I had a client in the UK with serious UK and U.S. tax issues. I reached out to Fuad Saba at FGMK (Chicago - TIAG) for his international tax expertise. Fuad met telephonically with the client and came up with a brilliant solution. When I asked him how much for the services, he said he was ‘doing it for a friend.’”
Norman Posner; Samet & Company (Massachusetts, USA - TIAG)

cornick lowe“A private equity client in New York City contacted me. He was working on an acquisition in Melbourne, Australia and needed an audit firm to perform due diligence. I was able to refer the client to our longtime TIAG member in Melbourne, Lowe Lippman.”

Robert Reitman; Cornick, Garber & Sandler, LLP (New York, New York, USA - TIAG)

lechman mercer“A friend of mine had a mother with some tax issues in the United Kingdom. I referred my friend to Lisa Spearman of Mercer & Hole (London, England - TIAG) who successfully resolved a complicated, multi-jurisdiction tax mess.”

Russell Brown; LehmanBrown (Beijing & Shanghai, China - TIAG)

brownecraine mercerAfter a number of significant changes were made in UK Tax Legislation, Browne Craine & Co saw the opportunity to collaborate with a UK TIAG Member in order to serve their clients in the Isle of Man that might be effected by these changes. In March, Liz Cuthbertson, senior tax partner of Mercer & Hole (London, England), traveled to the Isle of Man to promote her firm and lend her expertise during a presentation to Browne Craine & Co’s clients.