Success Stories

“We were recently retained by the client of our local TAGLaw member in San Francisco, Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP, to work together on an engagement involving approximately USD $300 million of suspected fraudulent transactions. This matter is very international in its scope and may require further assistance down the road from members in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK.

Having TAGLaw and TIAG member firms working jointly on this matter is a tremendous benefit to the client.”

-Dan Ray; Hemming Morse, LLP (San Francisco, California, USA - TIAG)

Hemming Success

"One of our clients was bidding for a national contract for services across the U.S. The bid process asked if our client was compliant with immigration documentation and required an I-9 audit. I reached out to the alliance and several TAGLaw firms responded, providing knowledge in this specific area which allowed me to advise our client on the steps involved in the I-9 audit. Ultimately, our client was able to have this provision removed from the bid/contract. The value of TAG Alliances is to be able to provide a depth of services to an existing client."

-Robert Reitman; Cornick, Garber & Sandler, LLP (New York, USA - TIAG)

“Good communication between advisers is important, but it is vital for the advisers of a client who is a US citizen and UK resident. This is because both jurisdictions want to tax the individual’s worldwide earnings and the advisers need to understand and agree on the application of the double tax treaty.

In one instance, a US citizen accidentally became a UK resident and landed himself with historic UK tax liabilities for a 10 year period. In a short space of time, we worked together with advisers from TIAG Member Berdon LLP in New York who provided us with enough information for us to establish on what basis the disclosure should be prepared to put the client in the most overall tax efficient position. We were then able to provide the US advisers with the figures they needed to make the backdated foreign tax claim.

There was a strict, fast-approaching deadline in the US, however, good communication between us both meant that this deadline was not a surprise and the work could be completed on time.”

-Lisa Spearman; Mercer & Hole (London, England - TIAG)

“A listed company in Taiwan came to me needing auditing service for his affiliated company in Hong Kong. I immediately contacted C K Yau & Partners CPA Limited, the TIAG member in Hong Kong, and they provided the company with professional service. We have also had the opportunity to work with our local TAGLaw member in Taiwan. One of my friends, a fund manager from the U.S., was interested in private equity and investment funds in Taiwan. Thanks to Jennifer Wang from Chen & Lin Attorneys-at-Law who shared lots of great information with us. We had a nice conversation in her office and we together perfectly fulfilled my client’s requirement.”

-Brent Hu; HsinTa CPA (Taiwan - TIAG)

Hsinta Success

“Through TAG Alliances, we have had the great opportunity to form long-standing relationships with numerous legal, accounting, and strategic partner members worldwide. This brings many benefits to not only our clients but also our staff.

This year, we’ve again had the pleasure of hosting another two secondees from Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP in Scotland: Andreea and Kirsty. Thank you to our secondees for all their hard work and our colleagues at Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP and other TAG Alliances members for your continued support of these initiatives across what is an ever shrinking world!”

-ESV Business advice and accounting (New South Wales, Australia - TIAG)

“Providing career opportunities for talented people when you have an international client base is an essential part of their development. Having a great partner like ESV and a fantastic association like TAG Alliances makes this possible and we all see the benefits.”

-Graeme Allan; Anderson Anderson Brown LLP (Scotland - TIAG)