Success Stories

browne craine esv“At a recent TAG Alliances conference, I was able to discuss various practice management techniques with Kurt Baker of ESV in Sydney, Australia—a tremendous leader of his firm. We have started implementing some of these strategies and ideas at our own firm and they are already working well. This type of knowledge sharing is a powerful benefit of membership in TIAG and TAG Alliances.”

—Basil Bielich; Browne Craine and Co. (Isle of Man)

fgmk hartung“Last year we contacted HARTUNG in Düsseldorf, Germany (TIAG) for assistance with a proposal to a German-based company in the U.S. Although we did not win the proposal, we formed a good relationship with Hartung. We are now working with them on tax matters for U.S. expats in Germany, and with U.S. tax consulting matters and they assist us with German tax matters for our U.S. clients. We are pleased to be working with them.”

—Fuad Saba; FGMK, LLC (Chicago, Illinois, USA – TIAG)

dorfman abrams kuri brena“Our client in New Jersey purchased the asset of a California company with a subsidiary in Mexico. That Mexican company operated as a Maquiladoras company. We had no knowledge of those provisions or how to set up a company in Mexico to operate under the Maquiladoras provisions. We contacted Guillermo Garay Espinosa at Kuri Breña (Mexico – TAGLaw). He provided us with a significant amount of information on the subject. His firm has been retained as their Mexican law firm and is in the process of setting up the Mexican subsidiary as well as registering that subsidiary as a Maquiladoras company.”

—Andrew Silverstein; Dorfman Abrams Music (New Jersey, USA – TIAG)

studio rock success“This year we strengthened our relationship with Mercer & Hole (London, England) through a multinational contract with a renowned Italian bank. We also hope to involve a U.S. firm over the next period.

Further collaborating with Mercer & Hole, one of our best chartered accountants will soon move to the firm’s London headquarters for a six month secondment experience. We feel that this is a possible way to create further cooperation and understanding between member firms.

We are also starting the multilingual technical dictionary (already existing for Italian to English) in partnership with TIAG member LehmanBrown in Beijing & Shanghai, China. Other TAG Alliances firms for languages that are not yet included are welcome to join.

Finally, we recently visited Group Expert Consulting in Bucharest who are dealing with an important VAT recovery issue for one of our clients. We have been received in such a friendly manner that we hope to find an excuse to return to Romania.”

—Fedele Gubitosi; Studio Rock (Milan, Italy)

“With each passing year, we continue to experience greater integration and a more ingrained working relationship with TAG Alliances firms across the globe. Over the last two years, we have had the privilege of engaging with members across more than 20 different geographies including the U.S., UK, Australia, Japan, Egypt, UAE, Eastern Europe, Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, etc. 

Our clients have been the biggest and direct beneficiaries of our ability to serve them beyond boundaries. With the backdrop of a strong international alliance such as TIAG, we are able to assist our clients in multiple cross-border engagements and expand our contribution towards their global endeavors. With India poised to lead the world in GDP growth rates, we can only expect an even more robust engagement in the future.”

—Anand Bathiya; Bathiya & Associates LLP (Mumbai, India)