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The tax consequences of investing in hedge funds can be pivotal in your decisions. Tax partner and Long Island Tax Chair Jude Coard, CPA, advisor to high net worth individuals for more than 20 years, weighs in on key considerations. He looks at the structuring and tax impact of both long- and short-term investments. Mr. Coard calls attention to factors that include deductibility, state and local tax exposure, and situations that may require foreign tax filings.

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Legal Notice 450 of 2013, Maltese Citizenship Act (Cap. 188), Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta Regulations, 2013

The following are highlights from the Legal Notice 450 of 2013 of the regulations issued by the President of Malta.

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In the first 2MinutesOn video, Berdon partner Scott Ditman, CPA/PFS, with more than 30 years in trust and estate planning, looks ahead at the potential impact of tax reform on estate planning and advises on steps to get ahead of the curve. Among the areas covered are wealth transfer and gifting opportunities with insights on using Generation Skipping Trusts, Grantor Trusts and GRATs. 

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In a judgement that could have an impact on most retailers, Dixons Retail plc has lost its case before the European Court of Justice.

The Court has ruled that where a customer fraudulently uses a bank card to obtain goods from a retailer and the retailer receives payment of the price through the card system, there was a supply of goods for consideration. As a result the retailer is required to pay VAT on the supply.

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News reports this year claimed that almost half of Britain's leading companies were failing to comply with the law by avoiding paying their taxes. Over 100 firms on the FTSE 350 index have now been accused of tax evasion, with many leading firms hiding profits offshore to avoid paying UK tax.

The team at Mercer & Hole (London, England) accountants know a thing or two about tax and accountancy and wanted to investigate further. In this article we will take a look at the top six companies that have been accused of not paying their taxes.

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