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The IRS has extended and streamlined the process for taxpayers who unintentionally failed to report and pay tax on overseas income. At the same time, it will be taking a deeper financial bite out of those who willfully avoided the income reporting laws.

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Joe Hockey handed down his first Federal budget in what is clearly a testing time for the Government. The 2014-2015 Federal Budget contained few announcements that had not been previously foreshadowed in one form or another.

The theme of the budget was one of "ages" and moving from an "age of entitlement" to an "age of opportunity" by a sharing of the burden across all parts of society for what is promised to be a better future for all.

Whether the burden has been shared equally or appropriately and whether the opportunities will materialise and the objectives be achieved, only time will tell. In the mean time we have provided an executive summary of the key measures.

TIAG and TAGLaw have some of the premiere tax lawyers and accountants in their respective professions. In an effort to share their knowledge with other members on a more regular basis, the TAG Tax members of Europe have created the TAG Tax European Newsletter.

This edition reports about recent developments in Germany, France and Malta.

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Even though this Newsletter is focussed on developments involving European counties, contributions from non EU-countries with a relation to European countries, such as for example treaty developments between third countries and European countries are of course welcome.

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We are sure you are aware there has been a lot of press recently about the ATO stepping up its activity in respect to the ongoing collection of tax on a timely and efficient basis. Significantly this is not solely focused on large multinationals but also on private family businesses.

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At the moment of his untimely death, actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a widely respected actor who had amassed considerable wealth. At the time he signed his will in 2004, he was just poised on the brink of success and fortune. The many estate planning techniques available to preserve and protect the assets that had grown substantially over the ensuing years were left unused.

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