Steven Boyles of Hemming Morse, LLP (San Francisco, California, USA) recently authored an article titled "Get the Most Value From Your Damages Expert" which was recently featured in The Recorder.

In disputes with an economic damages element, the involvement of your damages expert (e.g., economic, valuation, or accounting expert) will be among the more important components of your case, particularly those that go to trial. It is therefore imperative that attorneys engage experts very early in the process. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for this important step to happen too late in the litigation process, creating potentially harmful effects to you and your client's success.

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Contact: Peter Whittam, Jackie Clifford and Nick Fall; DTE Group (Manchester, England)

In this bulletin we look at the issues that arise when a defendant, who runs a trading business, is facing confiscation proceedings.  In our experience two scenarios commonly occur:

  1. The defendant runs  a business that he  claims  is  entirely separate from his  criminality, which provides a non?criminal source of income and assets.
  2. The business itself is involved in the criminal activity for which the defendant has been convicted.

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Contact: Greg J. Regan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); Hemming Morse LLP (San Francisco, California, U.S.A.)

Greg J. Regan, a Partner in Hemming Morse LLP's Forensic Accounting practice, has co-authored an article for Dunn On Damages, the influential periodical published by Robert Dunn, author of Recovery

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