Contact: Lisa Brink; ESV (New South Wales, Australia)

As a business owner you may be thinking - why should I care about process improvement and for that matter, why should I care about processes at all?

In truth, you may be leaving significant dollars on the table if you fail to adequately define, measure and improve your core business processes.

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Contact: Morena Koh; ESV (New South Wales, Australia)

With increasing availability and affordability of new software and technologies on the market, there are a number of savvy technological devices and softwares which can help small businesses improve their operations.

We have outlined our current top 10 favourites – do any of these sound familiar to you?

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Contact: Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (Scotland)

The UK government has identified ‘Ten Steps to Cyber Security’, which are essential for any business looking to protect itself online, here we talk through the suggestions.

There are plenty of simple and straightforward steps that companies can take to keep themselves safe in the digital world. As accompaniment to the support offered in their Cyber Essentials programme, the Government advises you to take action in the following key areas:

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Contact: Anderson Anderson Brown (Scotland)

Many professional services firms – including accountants – employ a ‘practice manager’ to oversee and co-ordinate their work. Plenty of companies in other sectors could benefit from exactly the same kind of approach.

An increasing number of accountancy and legal firms now employ a Practice Manager to look after the day-to-day running of their business. It’s a recognition that it’s very difficult to focus on the priorities of clients and to deliver a seamless service, unless you have someone working behind the scenes to make sure that everything is running efficiently.

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By: Rachel Pride

Research shows that companies who regularly recognise employees tend to have a more engaged and productive workforce. Employee engagement is the holy grail of successful businesses so here at WMS we think that recognising and rewarding our staff is pretty important stuff.

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