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‘Emotional Intelligence’ has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years as many researchers and HR experts have started stressing the importance of harnessing and building Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. The World Economic Forum even included Emotional Intelligence in its top 10 skills that we will need to possess to thrive in the workplace of 2020 - it didn’t even feature in the top 10 in 2015! So, what exactly is Emotional Intelligence and how can it play a role in your business?

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Email attacks and scams continue to be a pervasive nuisance at best, or increasingly harmful to organizations at worst. While in general you should avoid sending any sensitive information via email, below are additional tips you and your employees can put into practice to better safeguard both personal information and your company.

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Electronic payments to vendors are easier and faster than printing and signing hundreds of checks, but what are you risking for convenience? As more and more payments become electronic, wise businesses will take steps to protect their bank accounts.

Accounts payable (A/P) errors are sometimes big and obvious. But more often, money seeps out in small amounts, month after month, to a vendor who long ago stopped supplying your business. Or worse, you discover your company has been paying a fraudulent vendor created by your own long-time employee.

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Without a doubt, positive culture within the workplace is integral to the ongoing success of any business. It shapes the way we work, underpinning our decisions and influencing how we interact with our clients and within and across teams.

We highly value our culture here at ESV, investing in talented individuals and supporting them as they learn and grow. In the last year, we have written multiple articles about creating positive workplace cultures, our charity and community involvement and some of our staff experiences.

In this article, we want to share a bit about one of our staff-driven committees, ESV’s Great Place to Work. In 2016, ESV’s Great Place to Work Committee was born with a vision to ensure that ESV is always a truly great place to work.

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Unless you’ve planted your head firmly in the sand, you’ve probably seen or read about numerous computer hacks and scams. Identity theft is a very real problem, but when a ne’er-do-well accesses your accounting system and puts your customers’ sensitive data at risk, it can spell doom for your business.

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