Specialty Groups

What is a Specialty Group?

Specialty Groups serve as a major communication vehicle among TAG Alliances members practicing within the same practice groups or industries, and are an important tool in realizing the value of membership. Participation in a Specialty Group provides members with resources to better serve clients, and to promote and grow their practices.

Through participation members can:

  • Share knowledge and best practices with a worldwide alliance of similarly focused professionals
  • Cultivate relationships that lead to referrals and other client development opportunities
  • Promote their practice/industry focus to members searching for an experienced practitioner within their industry
  • Provide a resource for member firms seeking to fill gaps in a practice area
  • Develop multi-jurisdictional teams for the purpose of marketing to clients with needs worldwide

Specialty Groups accomplish all of the above through a variety of avenues, including meetings held at and between TAG Alliances conferences, Specialty Group web pages & forums, email exchanges when common issues arise, as well as other activities.



Our Specialty Groups
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(J) Denotes a Joint TAG Alliances Specialty Group with Co-Chairs from multiple alliances.

How can you participate in a Specialty Group?

We encourage members to take full advantage of participation in Specialty Groups. TIAG members interested in joining a Specialty Group should contact their firm's designated TIAG contact. The TIAG contact or designated TIAG web information administrator will sign them up through our website. Or, you may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..