Opportunities for:

  • Australian resources and exploration companies
  • Professional industry experts to present to Australian companies considering new operations in the Americas

Canada has become a global centre of capital for mineral exploration.  Explorers funded by the Toronto Stock Exchange are aggressively exploring Latin America.

CESCO estimates that in total US$200 billion will be invested into Latin American mining projects in the next decade, including US$41 billion in Peru over the next 10 years, and US$90 billion in Brazil over the next 3 years (full report can be accessed here PDF 2.5MB).

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The opportunity below was submitted by Thomas Romero of Capital Research Partners & Co. in Westport CT to TAG President Bob Sattin.  Bob has known Thomas for a long time and has agreed to be the TAG source for this opportunity.


Capital Research Partners has recently been retained to secure $10 million of subordinated debt and/or equity by a Midwest-based equipment leasing company (the “Company”) who offers secured small ticket, middle market equipment leases, generally up to $40 thousand, to creditworthy businesses. Senior management, who has a combined over 50 years in the leasing business, sold their leasing company in 2003 to an entrepreneur who was rolling up finance companies and ultimately bankrupted the entity due to management mistakes. Senior management of the Company has recently purchased certain assets from the bankrupt estate, including a $35 million portfolio whose roots relate to their previous company, and intend to grow by leveraging their long-standing strategic vendor and broker relationships. The Company has access to an existing $75 million debt facility (which was originally to their predecessor company) with immediate availability of $40 million which will grow to $75 million as the $35 million current portfolio is paid down. The Company also is in discussions with its current senior debt provider and others to obtain an additional facility to support the Company’s growth plan. 

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M4M is specialized in the development and production of high quality live entertainment productions. With reference to the international success of Andre Rieu, Viva Verdi Live is a new arena spectacular fusing the classical masterpieces loved by generations all over the world with more modern musical greats in an accessible and innovative narrative capturing the grandeur and power of live performance.

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The Superintendence of Telecommunications (Sutel) published the draft document for the opening bid of mobile telephony.

The Sutel published the draft of bid conditions for mobile telephony services. The interested are invited to submit suggestions and comments regarding the bid conditions before May 21st.
A hearing for the potential bidders on May 21st.

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In the Asian-European Music High School in Vienna students from Asia and all over the world will be able to focus on their passion in the very cradle of classical music. At the same time they will enjoy an outstanding IB-program (International Baccalaurate program) education in English which preserves their chances to opt for a non-musical career at any of the world’s top universities. Learning, practicing and performing music is one of the best ways to unite children from different languages and cultures. The school will shine through a combination of musical and educational leaders. Especially in Asia, the demand for a classical European music education soars. Enrolment in international schools all across Asia has expanded tremendously. It is planned that the Asian-European Music High School will open in summer 2012.

Learning takes place in an environment which welcomes diversity, as well as insisting on social harmony, cultural tolerance and international understanding. While helping its students to mature both academically and as musicians, the Asian-European Music High School would not only set their path for a career in the field of music and culture, but in any chosen career, preparing them as leaders and global citizens.

Investment Proposal: The Asian-European Music High School will be managed and run by a successful and well known international school management group with a network of international schools around the globe. The group’s team has many years of expertise in education, fund management and intercultural operations. The set up costs, building and renovation expenses, as well as the investment for further facilities and the first two years of school operations will amount to approximately EUR 20 millions. These will be financed by subscription to the shares of the company which can be bought by a single or several investors.

Return of investment: The school aims to break even in the third year of operation. It is then expected to return a positive cash flow rising steadily over the next five years. Then the school should have achieved an operational steady state with 500 students attending. Part of the profit will then be available for distribution to the investors in portion to their shareholdings. The international school management group will charge a fixed fee for management and will be further incentivised with a success fee which will be a certain percentage of the profits. The remaining profit will be split amongst the investors according to their relative shareholdings. An operating profit is predicted after the third year of operation.

“When I hold piano workshops in China, I don’t hold them in concert halls but in sport stadiums instead. There are not hundreds but millions of young kids in China who want to pursue a career in classical music.” Lang Lang (The world famous Chinese pianist)

Contact: Dr. Martin Preslmayr, Attorney at Law, Preslmayr Attorneys at Law, Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 12, A 1010 Vienna, Austria. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Phone ++43-1-5331695.