Forensic and Lit Support Objectives


Objectives of the Specialty Group

1.    To develop a directory of TIAG members with forensic expertise
    (members with expertise should send their details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  

    Areas of expertise will include but will not necessarily be limited to the following:-

  •     commercial litigation
  •     damage calculation
  •     business valuation
  •     commercial divorce
  •     matrimonial/marital divorce
  •     fraud/crime
  •     bankruptcy/insolvency
  •     personal injury
  •     professional negligence

2.    To promote the forensic accounting expertise of the speciality group to TIAG & TAG Law members, with a view to encouraging TIAG and TAG Law members to use this expertise.

3.    To set up a network of forensic experts, which will encourage working together to enhance our services.

4.    To co-ordinate the marketing efforts of group members in order to develop working together.

5.    To solicit from TAG Law what forensic services they use and need.