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Avenida Rio Branco, 43 15th /18th / 20th floor
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Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 20090-003
 +(55) (21) 2211 0011
 +(55) (21) 2211 0011
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GRUPO PLANUS consists of various companies specialized in offering back-office solutions using the Business Process Outsourcing model.

Among the solutions that we offer are the outsourcing of financial operations, accounting, auditing, human resources, technology, process, and legal advising, allowing the client to focus exclusively on its core business.

The solutions are customized for each client starting with an up-to-date review of the processes and the needs of the senior staff, consistently focusing on personnel, systems, and processes.

Combining 30 years of professional experience with personalized service, total commitment to the quality of the results, and commercial policies compatible with the realities of the market, GRUPO PLANUS offers its clients professional solutions and ethics, providing security and versatility in the services it offers.

We provide services to customers on several different areas, such Oil & Gas, International Air Transport,  Music Publishers / Record companies, Industries, trading and service providing companies. 

We rely on the experience of our highly qualified staff, maintaining an on-going training program for our collaborators via in-house training specific to our business areas as well as through periodical performance reviews in order to improve employee orientation and supervision in the provision of our services.


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