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Based in Douglas in the Isle of Man, Browne Craine & Co is a leading independent firm of Chartered Accountants with over 60 years of experience providing a wide range of accountancy, taxation and business advice services for all sizes of companies, ranging from sole traders to large corporations. Our services also include liqudation and insolvency solutions, and through Browne Craine Associates Limited, a wide range of audit services.

The company has grown organically over the last 60 years, and can now provide complementary services to its original offerings of audit and accountancy. The services have been developed with our clients in mind as there is an ever changing need for the business.

In 2016, Browne Craine & Co was awarded an "Approved Employer - Trainee Development - Platinum" status by the ACCA which recognises the support they provide to their own employees who are ACCA trainees and members who are training towards an ACCA practising certificate and/or audit qualification. 

Employee development is very important at Browne Craine & Co. In 2017, Browne Craine director Lynsey Smith was awarded a Responsible Individual ("RI") status from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Obtaining such a status has allowed Browne Craine & Co to continue to grow the firm's UK statutory audit portfolio and ensure that the firm can continue to provide audit services to current UK audit clients. Director David Craine also has the RI status.



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