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EsRoBross Cía. Ltda., in Ecuador is an Independent Public Accountant firm, professionally qualified by the control entities for offer External Audit, Tax Advising and Managerial Consultancy in the national field, which local code number is SC-RNAE-2 No. 476

A key component of our services is our methodology to work, which is based on the evaluation of risks of the business and managerial process for the internal control. Its objective is to confirm the existence of controls and that this controls are working according to the objective that were created from a operational and financial perspective. For EsRoBross, this means a more personalized and comprehensive working plan which could be better aligned with the worries of the Managerial Part and with the critical factors for the success of the business.

EsRoBross is located in Guayaquil, the commercial center and major seaport for Ecuador. The city handles some 90 percent of the country's imports and 50 percent of its exports making it the driving force behind the country's economy.

EsRoBross has 4 partners, 5 other professionals, and 2 paraprofessionals. Two of the partners have had experience in Big 4 accounting firms and the other two have worked in international financial services and distribution firms. All the partners have more than 20 years of experience. Thus, although the firm is only a little more than 6 years old, it has a strong experience base. In addition to the usual audit, tax, and management consulting services, the firm offers a variety of outsourcing services based on their competence as a firm in the finance, accounting, and taxes fields. Their principal clients are Industrial and Import & Export Companies, Financial Service companies, Real Estate companies, Communications companies, and Commercial Transport.

The firm's work is subject to inspection by the “Superintendencia de Compañias” which has the power to require revision of work that is not properly executed. To date the firm has never been required to submit a revision of any work. All client work is checked, approved and verified by the in charge person, managers, in charge partners, quality control partner and finally the principal partner.

The partners are volunteers with “Viviendas del Hogar de Cristo” and Fundacion Corpartirwhich constructs houses of cane and wood in the poorest sectors of Guayaquil.

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