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Every business owner makes hiring decisions for any number of reasons – talent and expertise, certainly, but often based on more intangibles such as chemistry, integrity and a sense of trust, among other criteria. Those same values apply to a full service accounting and business advisory firm, and are among the characteristics that set Fineman West & Company LLP (FW&Co.) apart. 

The tangibles begin with experience earned from a more than 40 year history, serving clients in a broad base of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retailing, financial services, real estate and professional services. FW&Co.’s capabilities encompass all types of services auditing and accounting, business and financial consulting, tax compliance, estate planning, litigation support and business insolvencies. In aggregate, our client's sales exceed $2 billion in revenue annually. 

Yet experience is made meaningful only in terms of its benefits to our clients. That’s where the passion and commitment of FW&Co. comes in. It’s the chemistry that starts with a partner taking a genuine interest in the client and their business. It’s accessibility the client’s ability to communicate when needed with any member of the FW&Co. team. It’s about the firm’s goal to establish a strong sense of trust as a business advisor and actively participating in clients’ growth going further than traditional accounting, auditing and tax work (which we do, of course, and do well). This foundation of mutual trust, respect and confidence fosters personal bonds that extend well beyond the financial statements. 

It’s about the intangibles of passion, appreciating and understanding a client’s business. We do not accept new business when the situation doesn’t strike a chord with us. We have to be as excited and enthused about your company and its future as you are.  It’s about planning, problem solving and being proactive, rather than reactive. With over 40 years of experience, the FW&Co. team’s resourceful, inventive and determined approach to problem solving has never diminished. One of our greatest professional rewards is growing with our clients, helping to add value to your business over the long haul, not just through year end.  We provide all types of planning services including business and financial, taxes, and estate planning. 

We are also mindful about maintaining our clients’ respect and trust and, as a result, do not sell or solicit any investments or financial products. Clients value our independence and we would never jeopardize this trust. 

FW&Co. has honed a carefully-built reputation over 40-plus years for sound counsel, insight and solid judgment, critical thinking and obtaining results. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Chemistry, passion, accessibility, competence, and resourceful- these are some of our most enduring trademarks. But don’t take our word for it – ask our clients.

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