Zausa, Lisa

  Torri di Quartesolo, Vicenza, Italy
 +39 0444 267432
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An associate of the Vesco Giaretta Consulting Studio, she is registered with the Chartered Accountants and Auditors Association of Vicenza and the Register of Independent Auditors at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. 

She specialises in consultancy and assistance on business, corporate and tax matters. Over the years, she has been involved in the planning and implementation of extraordinary operations in the field of company reorganisation and restructuring, such as, for example, mergers, demergers, transfers, conversions and acquisitions. She has extensive expertise in another area of particularly interest in our country and fundamental for the continuity and development of companies, that is, assistance in the generational transfer and change of corporate structures through share transfer or withdrawal operations. She had also accumulated special expertise in the financial sector. Specifically, she has carried out consultancy activities on matters of fiduciary activities and management of shareholdings through finance and holding companies, with particular focus on the regulations on the obligations laid down for asset brokerage companies, and assistance in the application of supervisory measures for financial brokers. 

She is also Administrator and Senior Partner of REALFID Srl,, a trust company authorised to exercise fiduciary activity and the organisation and auditing of companies. 

In the past, she has acted as Auditor and independent auditor of joint stock companies. Currently, she holds the post of Statutory Auditor on the Board of Auditors of several joint stock and limited liability companies. These include, among others FINTEAM SPA, SFERA SPA, MAROSTICA ROTTAMI SPA and ECOCHEM GROUP SPA. Still in the field of auditing, she is a member of the Board of Directors and Senior Partner of the audit company VG AUDITING Srl. She has acted as voluntary and independent auditor for several joint stock companies, aimed at issuing opinions on the accuracy and truthfulness of financial information and financial statements, as well as audits carried out on the basis of the instructions of the parent company for accountancy control at group level, in addition to special audit commissions for the implementation of due diligence activities.

She also possesses a very high level of expertise in consultancy for companies with relations abroad, from audits to internationalisation activities: assistance to branches or Italian subsidiaries of foreign businesses in drawing up the reports in accordance with the main accounting principles of the Anglo-Saxon world, activation of international channels for companies interested in investing in geographical areas outside the EU, consultancy for foreign companies with shares in Italian companies, assistance on tax matters through the evaluation of the tax burden, giving opinions and answers to queries in the interpretation of national and international tax regulations.