Bosswick, Mark G.

  New York, New York, USA
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Mark G. Bosswick, co-managing partner of Berdon LLP, has been with the firm for nearly 30 years. A CPA and tax attorney, Mr. Bosswick advises family businesses and high net-worth individuals — bringing a practical, entrepreneurial understanding of business, personal, and family dynamics. With this well-rounded perspective, he considers the complex interplay between every factor when guiding clients on ways to protect, grow, and transfer wealth. Mr. Bosswick advises clients in a variety of industries, most notably real estate, financial services, entertainment, and hospitality. He has close associations with numerous real estate owners, builders, and operators — including serving as a fiduciary, mediator, and investment consultant to prominent real estate families. He consults on major real estate transactions in the billions of dollars.

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