Schneider, Wolfgang J.

  Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Wolfgang Schneider, born in 1953, is a German public auditor and certified public accountant. He advises business enterprises and wealthy persons on tax law and accounting. The companies he advises stem from a variety of branches such as transportation, machine manufacturing, real estate, petrochemical, and retail trade. 

Typical matters handled by Mr. Schneider include: 

  • reorganizations of shareholdings and companies for the purposes of tax optimization;
  • tax structuring of corporate income tax, trade tax, and VAT when buying and selling companies and shareholdings;
  • structuring corporate successions, particularly the taxation aspects of them;
  • preserving accumulated losses brought forward through various structured measures, e.g. by transferring them to the next generation;
  • safeguarding clients’ interests in the event of audits (general audits, wage tax audits, and VAT audits) by the tax authorities, and in appeal proceedings;
  • litigation before the tax courts, including the German Federal Tax Court;
  • structuring transfer prices in the case of internationally operating companies;
  • VAT issues, especially those relevant to cross-border deliveries and other work/services;
  • wage tax issues from the employer’s point of view;
  • preparing annual financial statements;
  • statutory audits of the annual financial statements of companies and corporate groups;
  • providing business management advice;
  • preparing expert opinions on issues of business management, particularly for litigation proceedings.

Wolfgang Schneider studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences of Pforzheim (Diplom-Betriebswirt FH). He has worked in the area of tax law and in the area of accounting since 1982. He became a German certified public accountant in 1987 and a German public auditor in 1989. Mr. Schneider has been with GGV since 1988. He is a member of the DUV, a German professional association focusing on all aspects of business taxation.

In addition to German (native language), he also speaks English.

Practice Area

  • tax law
  • preparing financial statements
  • statutory audits of financial statements
  • business management advice
  • accounting law, corporate taxation
  • personal income taxation, tax litigation
  • corporate income taxation
  • inheritance tax law
  • international tax law
  • criminal tax law
  • VAT law
  • law of business reorganizations (corporate)
  • corporate succession.