New Study Shows Millennials / Gen Z are Still Interested in Accounting Careers

Author: Frank Geric

A new study by the International Federation of Accountants finds that a career in accounting still holds great appeal for college students and young professionals millenials gen z accounting recently entering the workforce. The international study, which consisted of people born between the mid-90s to the mid-2000s (ages 18 – 23) looked at millennials’ views on matters from public policy to career and work/life preferences.

Of the 3,388 people studied, 55% are currently pursuing or open to pursuing a career in accountancy. The leading reasons they cited for their preference or openness to a career in this area include (in order of importance):

  • A stable career path
  • Salary and benefits expectation
  • Work/life balance
  • Variety and excitement in my work
  • Ability to make a meaningful impact in my work

The study also shows 58% of millennials have a clear plan for their career over the next 5 years, while 42% do not have a plan or are unsure.

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