Numbers add up to 80 years for Zinner & Co.

Created back in 1938 by sole practitioner Harry Zinner, Zinner & Co. first existed largely as a bookkeeping practice. But 80 years later, the Cleveland firm has evolved into what it is known for today – a staff of 40 certified public accountants serving businesses and individuals across Northeast Ohio.

Robin Baum, managing partner since 2003, said the firm has a “tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment” for the past 80 years.

“We’ve thrived so long due to the fact that we have been able and willing to adapt to changes, both within the economy and technology, as well as be attuned to what our business owners need,” she said. “We’ve been able to keep our thumb on the pulse of our business owners and see how we can continue to bring value to their businesses.”

Baum said Zinner’s role in the business community always has been to be “tangible experts.”

“I think we have been good advisers both to our individual and business clients,” she said. “We have always had part of our business culture and fabric that we, as a firm, are members of the community that we live in. It’s been part of our culture to make sure we’re giving back.”

Baum has been with the firm since 1990 and enjoys all aspects of the business.

“I really enjoy working not only with our clients but also with our staff,” she said. “Being in a position where my input has a direct impact on the outcome of situations – I’m very much a person who likes to be part of things from beginning to end. So, it is rewarding to be part of the next generation of the firm. When I took over, I was the first to do so without the last name Zinner. It was big shoes to fill, but it has been rewarding.”

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zinner partners

Zinner & Co. partners, from left, are Susan Krantz, Brett Neate and Robin Baum. Krantz is a member
of the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company Board of Directors.