TIAG Announces Newest Addition to Advisory Board and Creates Collaborative Committees

Accounting firm leader from RMA Senegal joins the Advisory Board of renowned international alliance of accounting firms.

TIAG®, riding a wave of momentum from 2018 which saw the addition of eleven new member firms, has appointed Papa Alboury Ndao of RMA Senegal as its newest Advisory Board member.

In 2018, the Advisory Board also formed four new Collaborative Committees focused on various areas of the TAG Alliances. Each Committee will be made up of six to eight members from the Advisory Boards of both TAGLaw and TIAG®, TAGLaw’s sister alliance of independent accounting firms, based on their skills and expertise. The Committees will collaborate on an ongoing basis to establish and achieve targeted goals in specific areas of the alliance to the benefit of the organization and its members.

The new Committees include:

  • Alliance Strategy;
  • Governance;
  • Recruiting & New Member Integration; and
  • Conferences & Events.

The complete TIAG Advisory Board includes:

  • Kurt Baker of ESV Chartered Accountants (Sydney, Australia);
  • Florence Bastin of FLUX (Luxembourg);
  • Basil Bielich of Browne Craine and Co. (Isle of Man);
  • Markus Dankl of INTERCURA (Austria);
  • Jan Depoorter of SBB Accountants & Advisors (Belgium);
  • Rebecca Goodman-Stephens of Berdon LLP (New York, USA);
  • Paul Maberly of Mercer & Hole (London, England);
  • Randall Myeroff of Cohen & Company (Michigan & Ohio, USA);
  • Papa Alboury Ndao of RMA Senegal (Senegal);
  • Wendy On of Fineman West & Co. LLP (Los Angeles, California, USA);
  • Felipe Pestana of Grupo Planus (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil);
  • Dan Ray of Hemming Morse, LLP (San Francisco, California, USA);
  • Richard Attisha, President and CEO of TAG Alliances (Vancouver, Canada);
  • Melisa Attisha, Executive Vice President of TAG Alliances (Vancouver, Canada); and
  • Peter Appleton Jones, Honorary Board Member and Founder of TAG Alliances.