TAG Alliances Named the Fastest Growing Accounting Alliance in the World

Once again, TAG Alliances has been ranked as the tenth largest accounting alliance in the world by Accountancy Magazine. Among the ranked firms, TAG Alliances saw the largest growth rate at 12.5%, with $4.5 billion in global member revenues for 2017, up from $4 billion in 2016. This is the sixth consecutive year TAG Alliances has been included in the rankings and the second year in the Top 10.

In the article, TAG Alliances President & CEO, Richard Attisha addresses important issues to the accounting profession such as the rise of multidisciplinary service firms and technological disruption: 

"'For years the Big Four and international firms have invested hundreds of millions of dollars for research and development in automation and artificial intelligence. Some in the midmarket space tremble with fear and think it will mean an end to the accounting profession,’ he notes. ‘The consensus among our accounting members and industry experts is that artificial intelligence, automation and blockchain will certainly commoditise or eliminate certain accounting services. However, this changing landscape will place a premium on experienced experts who are well skilled in other in-demand areas that cannot be replaced by an algorithm. New opportunities have always emerged following disruption in the accounting industry.'"

In addition to being one of the largest alliances in the world, TAG Alliances also distinguishes itself as one of the few multidisciplinary alliances for accountants. Composed of TIAG® (The International Accounting Group), an alliance of independent accounting firms; TAGLaw®, an alliance of independent law firms; and TAG-SP, a multidisciplinary alliance of strategic partners, TAG Alliances serves the full business needs of its members' clients.

TAG Accountancy Rankings Table 2018

TAG Accountancy Quote 2018

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