TAG Alliances Ranked in Top Three Accounting Alliances Globally

For the fifth consecutive year, Accountancy Age Magazine has recognized TAG Alliances as one of the top three accounting associations in the world. The rankings, which are based on the collective revenues of the member firms, include 20 associations and alliances.

This year, TAG Alliances President Richard Attisha’s interview with the magazine provided the report's theme: "Firms switching networks like a game of ‘musical chairs.’"

“Richard Attisha, CEO at the TAG Alliances, a multidisciplinary alliance that includes law firms as well as accountancy firms, describes the current wave of movement between groups as ‘musical chairs’, a situation that he sees continuing, especially as some networks and associations choose to merge with others or dramatically change their strategic direction.

‘Firms are continually growing and expanding and in most conventional networks, where exclusivity of network or geography is a strict demand, more and more firms are looking for flexibility and independence,’ he says. ‘The biggest question facing firms when they find themselves at the crossroads of staying with their existing membership or moving to another association is ‘What about the years of investment and time that we have put into that group?’’

Accountnacy Age 2016 Association Rankings Crop

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