About TIAG (The International Accounting Group)

TIAG® (The International Accounting Group), founded in January 2003, is a worldwide alliance of independent accounting firms. The alliance has established a global presence and now has a membership of more than 115 firms in over 70 countries.


  • Dedication to 100% client satisfaction
  • Thorough understanding of clients business
  • Continual awareness to anticipate clients needs
  • Knowledge of clients industry and marketplace
  • Commitment to responsiveness and accessibility
Local business communities around the world recognize TIAG members as leaders in their field. The members experience and dedication to client service marks the standard for all TIAG members.

As a worldwide membership organization, we are committed to developing a global family that has its roots planted firmly in the local community but has branches that reach around the world. This global approach enables member firms to provide excellent accounting services to their clients both at home and abroad.


TIAG members come from diverse cultures. They have the experience of working for international clients and understand the importance of meeting a client unique requirements and exceeding their expectations for service and responsiveness.


Anticipating the client's needs is crucial for gaining respect and confidence. TIAG members are able to achieve this because they actively listen to their clients and then use their knowledge and experience, together with that of their national and international team members, to respond with practical business solutions. TIAG members value their client relationships and are dedicated to becoming trusted advisers, helping their clients prosper through the profitable growth of their businesses.


Member firms boast graduates from top universities around the world; many of whom build on their education and experience by serving on Boards of Directors, appearing as expert witnesses, and becoming involved in charitable organizations and community events. They also know the value of being well rounded. Among TIAG members, we have published authors, musicians, marathon runners, and even mountain climbers. 

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TAG Alliances is comprised of the leading professional alliances TIAG®, TAGLaw® and its most recent addition, TAG-SP®. Together, TAG Alliances has a combined global reach of more than 290 members in over 105 countries with more than 18,000 professionals. 

TAGLaw LogoTAGLaw® 

Founded in 1999, TAGLaw is an international alliance of more than 160 independent law firms located throughout more than 90 countries. The alliance today ranks among the five largest legal alliances globally, and has been recognized as an "Elite" network in the Chambers Global rankings guide for legal networks. TAGLaw Members are highly-respected, value-driven law firms with local market knowledge & expertise. The TAGLaw alliance provides professional resources and geographic coverage on a worldwide scale.
Learn more about TAGLaw by visiting www.TAGLaw.com. 

TAG SP blueTAG-SP® (TAG Strategic Partners)

TAG-SP, the most recent addition to TAG Alliances, takes advantage of the business that is generated in a free, active and global marketplace by attracting sophisticated and varied businesses. Members of TAG-SP have access to the numerous global resources and relationships which comprise the TAG Alliances. Learn more about TIAG by visiting www.TAG-SP.net

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TAG Foundation

In recognition of the generosity of its members and their willingness to help each other and the citizens of each other's states, provinces and regions, TAG Alliances maintains an IRS authorized charitable entity, TAG Foundation, that is supported by members and managed by trustees who rely on advice from member firm advisors. The Foundation has continued a history of member generosity by recent donations to aid relief efforts after a tyhpoon in the Phillipines, an earthquake in Japan and a hurricane in the northeastern United States. Donate and learn more at www.tagalliances.com/tagfoundation.