Success Stories

aab burness paull

“In May 2015, Scottish TAG Alliances Members Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (TIAG) and Burness Paull LLP (TAGLaw) were co-principal sponsors and hosts of the TAG Alliances International Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the course of the conference there were numerous opportunities for networking and the topics of the various sessions and presentations included the future of Europe, cross-border dispute resolution as well as firm and practice development, hosted by several key and influential speakers.  

We were delighted to have been able to participate in the conference which provided an excellent platform for the TAG Alliances to get together to discuss topical issues and developments while sharing knowledge, best practices and strengthening relationships.

It is fantastic to be actively involved in this alliance which brings so many benefits to the firms within it and their clients." 

—Neil Dinnes; Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (Scotland) and Tricia Walker; Burness Paull LLP (Scotland)

“Since joining TIAG in 2007, we have collaborated with TIAG members in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Additionally, through our TIAG and TAGLaw relationships, we have helped our clients seek assistance to setup companies in foreign countries and to secure accounting, financial and legal advice for our clients. As a whole, our TIAG membership provides us with quick access to seek professional advice on legal and accounting matters from countries outside Hong Kong. 

As a TIAG member for 8 years, we have differentiated our firm from the competition as we can now provide a broad range of professional services on a worldwide scale. These are more relationships than a single firm can develop.”

—K T Tam, C K Yau & Partners CPA Limited (Hong Kong, China)

“We are now in the third year of our membership in the TAG Alliances and our ongoing experience continues to reaffirm our decision to become a member. The professionalism of the individuals we work with continues to impress as does the efficiency of the overall operation. TIAG marketing efforts to both help educate individual members in maximizing their own marketing and to promote the overall TIAG brand are particularly impressive.” 

—Saul Brenner, Berdon LLP (New York, New York, USA)

“Zinner & Co. has only just begun to skim the surface of success as a result of our membership in TIAG. Since becoming a member in February 2011, we have recognized that our membership provides not only a great opportunity to strengthen the firm, but also to become a contributor to our colleagues in the industry. Simply, Zinner views the success with our membership on multiple levels. We have used the alliance for collaboration and solicited input on questions in which shared expertise is invaluable. From that, our firm has the confidence and assurance in bidding work. Over the past five years, we’ve collaborated with other TIAG members for both inbound and outbound client issues in Canada, the UK, and within the US.”

—Howard Kass; Zinner & Co. LLP (Ohio, USA)

"During the last year our global interaction with TAG Alliances members has included assistance with the establishment of local subsidiary and business operations for Chinese and Singaporean clients, the referral of an international Swiss based client seeking help in India and the development of an appropriate taxation & commercial strategy across the USA, the UK and Australian jurisdictions.

Outside of the client matters, ESV have also taken advantage of the practice specific benefits of our TIAG membership by reaching out to global member firms for the short term secondment of experienced staff during our peak audit & assurance period, reviewing our business development and marketing strategies and interacting at International Conferences with colleagues on future practice management initiatives.

We continue to value the TAG Alliances and the client servicing benefits and sound professional relationships that it brings to our firm offering.”

Kurt Baker, ESV Accounting and Business Advisors (New South Wales, Australia)