Success Stories


At KMJ | Corbin & Company (Costa Mesa, California, USA), we value our membership in TIAG for many reasons. Among the most important are the following: our membership in TIAG gives us instant credibility with our larger, more sophisticated clients and prospective clients who wonder how a "local firm" can possibly handle their needs in multiple locations across many state and national borders with multiple language/cultural differences; and we consistently receive timely responses from our fellow TIAG members when there is a client need. Recently, I was asked about whether we had any affiliations, and I was proud to respond about our membership in TIAG and more specifically, the quality of our UK firm, Mercer & Hole (London, England). Another example was our ability to receive the cooperation of our member firm Axion (Sweden) to put together a proposal for a U.S. public company audit with operations in Stockholm. As a result of their cooperation and help, which included their agreement to become registered with PCAOB in the U.S., we were successful in obtaining that client.

—Kendall Merkley, KMJ | Corbin & Company (Costa Mesa, California, USA)