Success Stories

cornick-garber-sandler-old-mill"We received a call from Old Mill Accountants (Somerset, England) in the UK. One of their clients, a UK citizen, was working and residing in the U.S. during 2013 and was now going to have some last minute income from UK sources. If he was a U.S. tax resident he would not only be taxed in the U.S. but also in the U.S. state that he was residing in. We gathered more information and determined that based on the "days test", if he left the U.S. for the rest of the year (not a long period), he would save a substantial amount of taxes.

After a conference call with Old Mill, their client, and his attorneys, we worked out the best strategy. This all needed to be done very quickly - and it was. He left the U.S. within 2 days."

Robert Reitman; Cornick, Garber & Sandler, LLP (New York, New York, USA)

anderson-anderson-brown"We have worked with a certain TAGLaw member a number of times over the years and as a result have developed a good working relationship with them. This proved to be beneficial in early 2013 when both companies worked on a deal with a mutual client, Enovate Systems Limited, a leading technology company providing subsea well control equipment. Such excellent cooperation between the two teams brought successful results and the deal ended when Aker Solutions acquired a majority stake in Enovate for £75 million and can now help take the business to the next level. Deals like these really highlight the benefit of the TAGLaw and TIAG alliances."

Neil Dinnes, Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (Scotland)


"TIAG led us to the US subsidiary of a Canadian company offering online concierge services that opened an office in Boston. We became their US firm for tax.

When TIAG sent an email asking US firms about a Russian speaking CPA, we were able to step forward. The result is an active proposal for new work with a Russian company with operations in Washington DC. We are hopeful that an in-person meeting will occur in early 2013.

Additionally, we are currently bidding on the work for an international consulting firm and were able to extol the virtues and geographical reach of TIAG by talking about our relationships and member firms in Dubai and India."

—Norman Posner; Samet & Company, PC (Massachusetts, USA)


"One of our best customers in Brazil is a Norwegian high tech company in the Maritime, Oil & Gas and Defense segments, operating out of 25 countries and listed in the Oslo Stock Exchange. The Brazilian subsidiary of this company was sending Brazilian technicians for training in Korea, and needed desperately to understand the tax consequences of their permanence in the Country.

We gave our opinion, but recommended them to check with their Korean tax expert. The customer then asked if we could help with that, and the answer was 'yes'! Our friends at Serim Accounting Corporation (Korea) were extremely helpful, exchanging several emails before even mentioning any commercial terms. Customer was very happy with the assistance and us with having someone we can trust in Korea."

-Grupo Planus (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)


"In our opinion, the main benefit of TIAG membership is to no longer be a regional company, but instead part of a multinational professional accounting alliance in which we can now offer knowledge from TIAG members around the world to our customers."

—Felipe Pestana; Grupo Planus (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)