Success Stories

burgis-bullock-logo"The breadth of services combined with the alliance's reach into 95+ countries represents a powerful resource for members and their clients seeking to do business overseas. Over one third of our recent deals have had an international dimension. But it is not only in M&A that the TAG Alliances gives us an edge.

Recent projects involving our TAG colleagues have ranged from helping a client company set up a new overseas subsidiary to advising a high net worth individual on his emigration plans."

Simon Chapman of Burgis & Bullock (Warwickshire, England)

anderson-anderson-brown-grupo-planusTIAG & TAGLaw Firms Collaborate for Brazilian and Scottish Energy Seminar

We are delighted to announce that two TIAG member firms, Grupo Planus (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - TIAG) and Anderson Anderson & Brown (AAB) (Scotland - TIAG), and the TAGLaw Brazil and Scotland member firms collaborated to deliver a "Doing Business in Brazil" seminar for respective Oil & Gas industry clients and contacts on September 20, 2011 in Aberdeen.

Kevin Mann, International Tax Partner at AAB, explained that the idea for the seminar originally arose at the TIAG/TAGLaw conference in Geneva. "The seminar itself was a great success, with about 100 people in attendance and feedback received from them indicates that they thought the presentations were first class."


"We received a referral from Jan Depoorter at SBB Accountants Advisors (Belgium). The referral concerned a newly established U.S. subsidiary for one of their Belgium-based clients. We were successful in signing up the client for compilation, tax return and other special services. We are already enjoying working with a good group of people at the local company."

Kendall Merkley; KMJ | Corbin & Company (Costa Mesa, California, USA)

berdon_ribe-aguierre-tiag"In February, one of our strategic partners was in need of a tax professional in Mexico for one of her international clients. We reached out to TIAG for a member in Mexico City to assist our strategic partner. Within an hour of the initial request, we were put in touch with Pepe Ribe of Ribe Aguirre y Asociados SC in Mexico City. The strategic partner and Pepe Ribe had a discussion that same day which ultimately culminated in Pepe Ribe being hired by the client within the week. The client and our strategic partner are both happy with the services provided to date."

Grace G. Singer; Berdon LLP (New York, New York, USA - TIAG)


"Several months ago, one of the firm's clients was considering bidding on a contract to be performed in China. I emailed Vivien Chan of Vivien Chan & Co. (Hong Kong - TAGLaw) and she responded with a long, detailed summary of issues to be aware of when doing business in China. Before joining TIAG, we would have had nowhere to turn to get this type of quick, informative and extremely generous response."

—Oksana G. Hoey, CPA; Murray, Jonson, White & Associates (Virginia, USA)