By: Bill Harrington

Hackers in the News

When large, brand-name companies like Target, Anthem and Home Depot are breached by hackers, they make front-page news and incur significant reputational losses. The amount of money that hacked companies spend to repair their reputation in the marketplace is staggering, which is why this is a topic of discussion on most Board agendas. Every day, hackers become faster and more sophisticated at exploiting newly-identified vulnerabilities in security architectures. These are not the hackers of the past, teenagers fishing around for information from a computer in their basement. They are highly educated and technically savvy individuals who hack into companies for the purpose of stealing information that can be resold on the “black market.” These breaches may also take the form of attacks from nation-states that seek to acquire industrial, military, or other confidential or classified information. What about your company? How prepared is your IT security plan to prevent such a breach?

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In today’s world, it’s very likely you have significant digital assets that must be considered when creating your estate plan.

Your first step should be to conduct an inventory of all your digital assets, which should include any computers, servers, or handheld devices where these assets are stored. Next, speak with your estate planning advisor about strategies for ensuring that your loved ones or other representatives have immediate access to these assets in the event something happens to you.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a new scheme entitled "Make in India" to boost his country's manufacturing sector and encourage foreign investors with 'Zero Defect; Zero Effect' policies.

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The Modi government took charge at the Centre with a promise to bring about many changes in terms of governance. This created a wave of excitement among the people.

The Narendra Modi government has put together an elaborate economic reforms package in sync with the party's election manifesto.

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Amendment Proposals from the European Commission and the European Parliament

Author: Chris Laughton; Mercer & Hole (London, England)

Proposals and Amendments

The Commission’s proposals issued on 12 December 2012 were broadly accepted in the UK.

The Parliament’s JURI committee (Committee on Legal Affairs) under the chairmanship of Klaus-Heiner Lehne, MEP for North Rhine-Westphalia and a partner in Taylor Wessing, drafted 62 amendments and 28 supplemental amendments in September and October 2013. These were reduced to 69 in the report submitted to the Parliament on 20 December 2013.

All but one of those amendments were adopted by the Parliament on 5 February 2014.

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