Contact: Falcón Sánchez (Puerto Rico)

That's right, in fact fraud is so pervasive and so hidden in nature that your organization could be experiencing it as you read this. Your organization could be very well into attack by an unscrupulous employee, supplier, or any other outside

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Contact: CAF Contadores Publicos, S.C. (Nuevo Leon, Mexico)

As time goes on, it is becoming more common, unfortunately, the commission of frauds in prejudice of company's assets. Factors like economy recession; global competence; excessive regulations; problems to comply with tax obligations; the investment requirements for growth; the redacton of utility margins, etc., magnify the problem to take an economic breakdown due to disloyal employees,

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By: Ismael Falcón Ortega
Falcón Sánchez & Associates, Puerto Rico

Good governance…what does it mean? Why is it important for business management to run an operation effectively? What are the implications of not having it in place and adequately implemented?

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Time: Delegation
John Pantania, US Coach

As a business owner are you exhausted at the end of the work day? Are you tired of doing everything yourself? Are your team members unwilling to make decisions and coming to you for even the smallest of issues? The truth is that most business owners, who are skilled at just about every task in their company, struggle with the one thing that can make a big difference ...DELEGATION

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