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Mercer & Hole Tops Female Partner League Table

The latest top 50 survey from Accountancy Age magazine puts Mercer & Hole at the top of the female partner league tables with almost a quarter of it’s partners being female compared to the UK firm average of 9.7%.

The Accountancy Age Top 50 and Accountancy magazine Top 60 survey also saw the firm move up the general league tables to positions 44 and 45 respectively as well as featuring in the Accountancy Age fastest growing mid-tier firms for Tax, Corporate Finance and Insolvency. So good news all round for TIAG's London member firm!

Overall the surveys show the accountancy industry as a whole to be in good health although firms are falling short in the quest for diversity. To find out how Mercer & Hole have fared in all areas of the surveys visit the sites linked above.


IRVINE, Calif. (Feburary 1, 2007)—Corbin & Company, a multidisciplinary accounting, audit and tax firm, announced today that after 23 years of service it is changing its name to KMJ | Corbin & Company.

“For more than two decades the name Corbin & Company has represented a commitment to excellence within the tax and audit industry as well as its client relationships,” explained Kendall Merkley, the firm’s managing partner since 2005. “The new identity of KMJ | Corbin & Company will continue to reflect that commitment, as we introduce two newly promoted partners and an expanded  service set available not just in Orange County, but also in San Diego.”

Merkley, along with partners-in-charge of the audit and tax departments, Mike Faddoul and Jim Nagengast, will work in tandem with the firm’s newest partners, Tony Price and David Reule. KMJ’s newly promoted partners will assume a variety of roles, including overseeing expansion into San Diego, participating in business development opportunities and ensuring the firm’s ability to deliver a high level of client service.  

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South Africa Tax Guide

TIAG's South Africa member firm, O.M.A Professional Advisory Group,  has published an excellent, concise guide to taxes in South Africa.  A pdf file containing the guide can be downloaded OMA Tax Booklet3.pdf.


PCAOB Registration for Mercer & Hole

Mercer & Hole is delighted to announce that the firm has been registered under the US’s Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).

As a result of this registration, Mercer & Hole can now act for UK subsidiaries of listed US companies, even when the UK company is a ‘substantial’ part of the group.

The PCAOB is a US private sector, non-profit organisation, created to oversee the auditors of public companies in the US.  Its role is to ensure that all US public company audits are undertaken with high standards of quality, independence and ethics.  To ensure this, the PCAOB requires all firms involved in such audits to register with them.

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Istanbul, once known as the capital of capital cities, is the only city in the world to straddle two continents and the only one to have been a capital during two consecutive empires - Christian and Islamic. Once capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul still remains the commercial, historical and cultural pulse of Turkey.

Not surprisingly, UBD, like Istanbul, is well connected to every part of Turkey with operations in five locations.  The firm was established with the participation of 14 under oath consultants (CPAs).  Each possesses a professional experience of 15-20 years and a vast knowledge and expertise in different industries.  UBD is a registered PCAOB firm.

UBD is an independent auditing firm, appointed as an Under Oath Consultancy firm by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Finance. UBD’s mission is to provide guidance to investors who are launching new operations and/or changing strategies, rather than providing consulting services to industry and service sector firms for their existing financing strategies.

UBD has completed the training period required for the Independent Auditing of Insurance and Reinsurance Firms, presented by the Turkish Treasury and they have been appointed as an audit firm by the Capital Market Board of Turkey and the Board of Banking Regulation and Supervision of Turkey. Additionally, UBD has been appointed as an audit firm by the Board of Energy Market Regulatory Authority.