S. Venkatram and Company, Chartered Accountants

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S. VENKATRAM & CO., is a firm of Chartered Accountants is in existence from the year 1943. It offers its clients a broad range of fully integrated services related to auditing and taxation.

The firm, presently, has thirteen partners. The Partners come from diverse career backgrounds bringing with them a variety of experience and learning.  Its offices have in excess of 125 members, including senior Chartered Accountants and Audit Assistants and professionals from diverse fields.

The firm is having two offices in India (Chennai and Bangalore).

The firm has a total clientele of about 2,500, which includes Indian Companies, Multinationals, Trans-nationals and Overseas Corporate Bodies. The firm is in the panel of The National Stock Exchange, The Securities Exchange Board of India, The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority and The Reserve Bank of India.

The organization works in the model of teams, under the leadership of a Lead Service Partner who works closely with clients to create powerful business solutions for organizations.

The experience acquired by the firm in its multi-disciplinary practice and by its extensive research resources has in turn helped it to equip itself to handle complex commercial transactions, which require diverse knowledge and skill in the field of accounting, auditing law and business strategy.

The firm has grown steadily into a multi-disciplinary practice. and presently specializes in the following areas:

  1. Statutory/Internal/Concurrent/Due-Diligence/Risk management audit/Tax Audit of Public/Private Limited Companies, Partnership firms, Public Charities, Governmental Organizations and Co-operative Societies, Public/Private Sector Banks.
  2. Advising and planning under the Direct Tax Law.
  3. Tax representation at all levels.
  4. Advising and planning on International Tax Laws.
  5. Advising and planning with regard to the law on Service Tax.
  6. Formulation of accounting and other related systems including preparation of Manuals, Forms etc.
  7. Assisting the clients in formulating costing systems, cost records and procedures.
  8. Advising and assisting on Strategy i.e. setting overall strategic direction.
  9. Identifying for clients opportunities for growth through new business building, alliances, mergers, acquisitions, mergers, reverse merges, etc.
  10. Assisting in drafting of wills, trust formation, family partitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, transfer of know-how, technology transfers, mergers and acquisitions involving rights such as licensing, distribution, co-promotion marketing etc.
  11. In arbitration mediations and conciliation, acting as arbitrators/mediators/experts also as a counsels to the Parties.